12+ Inspirational Home Page Designs

The home page is the most vital page of a website. It is the first impression you give a potential client, as well as the barometer for whether or not your visitors will spend time on your website. Depending on your goals for the website, the home page can be the key element to spawn an inquiry, to make a sale, or even display your work.

Your website should work for you. It should express your personality, and meld with your work and your style. Like dressing for an interview, you want to put your’ best foot forward.’

Your homepage should convey the overall style and feel of the entire site. The home page is a perfect place to let your inner-self out and allow visitors to view the “inner you” when they first step into your site.

I have comprised a small list of websites that have very successful home pages, which not only caught my attention, but also drove me to plunge further into the site. Feel free to browse around each of these beautifully designed sites.


Sourcebits is a software development company for Mac, iPhone, Android and the Web. The home page jumps out at you with a large image of a world (possibly meaning connectivity and the Internet). The tabbed sub-navigation at the “fold” of the page offer a great introduction to the different services they offer.

Carbon Graffiti

Home pages are your first chance to grab your customer’s attention and inform them of what it is you do. One way to do accomplish both is by using very large type. On Carbon Graffiti’s home page, there is no doubt that their primary service is “custom email design.”

College Park Church

This is one of the best church websites I’ve seen. College Park Church has a very clean and modern feel to it, something you wouldn’t expect from a religious site.


OnWired has a very clean feel to it, with bold color contrasts separating the different sections of the home page. The featured project set on a notecard is a fresh and new idea. Check out the rest of the site, it is very well put together.


Quommunications home page consists of two colors, black and white. This would normally be a bland color palette, but they make it work brilliantly with subtle uses of gradients and lighting effects to make the page pop.

Red Crown Studio

Single page designs are becoming more and more frequent in web trends this year. Red Crown Studio uses javascript/jQuery to create a very nice jumping effect of the page elements, along with a nice image-enlarger on this minimalistic site.


EctoMachine’s homepage is modern with an almost “extreme” twist to it. The large robot-spider-baby destroying buildings is a very catchy opening image to leave with viewers. Leaving a lasting impression in viewer’s minds when they stray away from your site, is something to emulate.


Having a very eye-catching header is one way to attract attention and keep people on your page. Adaptd has a rainbow color of stripes running across its header, with an equally colorful navigation.


Portfolio of Steven Hylands from Ireland. The bright colored wavy line breaks up the layout very nicely at the fold of the page.

Synergia Studio

Even if Synergia did not have an extremely snazzy flash promotion in the middle of the page, or a very well laid out site; it still has a 3D version of its site (link in the top nav).

Icon Dock

Bright, colorful design floods the homepage of IconDock. Plus it has the coolest ecommerce add-on I’ve ever seen – a “drop items here” dock on the side.

Serj Kozlov

Another bright and colorfully designed home page. Serj uses a ‘beach’ color palette that surprisingly works extremely well. The header image of a digital pad with illustrators coming out of it captures the audience’s attention very well.

Camp Creative Group

This small design group really put their skills to work when they designed this simple, yet impactful home page. Showing four different featured boxes (that each rotate through more projects) for projects is a very smart idea.

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Written by Lee Gustin

Lee is the creator and designer of LeeGustin.com. He is a freelance Graphic/Web Designer who loves learning new things about designing and art. Feel free to follow him on twitter at ltgustin



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