30 Rocking Band Posters

Posted by on May 31, 2010 in the Graphic Design category

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Happy Memorial Day to everyone out there. I had a pretty rocking weekend so far, being able to see Sandlot Heroes and We The Kings play some awesome music at MayFair in Allentown, PA. Inspired by their music, I decided to do a post of some great band/gig posters, enjoy!

band poster 1 band poster 2 band poster 3 band poster 4 band poster 5 band poster 6 band poster 7 band poster 8 band poster 9 band poster 10 band poster 11 band poster 12 band poster 13 band poster 14 band poster 15 band poster 16 band poster 17 band poster 18 band poster 19 band poster 20 band poster 21 band poster 22 band poster 23 band poster 24 width= band poster 25 band poster 26 band poster 27 band poster 28 band poster 29 band poster 30

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  • Does anybody know if any of these designs are available on t-shirts?

    • They all link to their source, so check out the ones you like and see if they have any t-shirts/prints. I am not sure if any do for sure though, sorry.

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  • I really love the blue bird and passion pit ones!

  • Hey Lee,

    Really cool post man. I write a band promotion and design blog as well and I have to ask how did you find all of these?

  • Very nice compilation of band poster designs. I am looking for some design inspiration when i found your post. They look fascinating!

  • Hey Lee,
    Those are nice posters, I like’em. Can you post some of your work as well? Maybe you have…I haven’t checked out your site yet, but will. I just love band posters…ever since I was a kid. (As you can see by my web address)
    Take care, and good luck.


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