50 Amazing Lego Creations

When I was a younger, I used to live, sleep, and breathe Lego’s. Now that I am older, I still have all of the pieces that I made, but I am constantly drawn to really amazing creations that truly talented Lego-maniacs make. I chose three great Lego artists from Flickr to showcase here. I highly recommend checking out their entire work on their respective pages. Feel free to leave comments with links to other great Lego works.

Mondayn00dle (Brian Kescenovitz )

District 9 Mecha Suit Foundation 3 19 Seconds to Find God ICON Class Command Mech Ignition2 D-9 Hydra pic 3 Orchid01 The Csek WAR DOLL 2 Apache 2 WWI "Sandpiper" Recon Walker SCHISM Class Mech 1 Highway06L Highway03L Highway26L


Starcraft Battlecruiser Titow Behemoth 2 Juggernaut Briareus II Tanatos battleship Dune 2 Trike Space Marines Dreadnought ScorBot Berstuk battle droid Tachyon intercepting fighter Iron Mechos Jormangund battle tank Scharnvirk's starfighter Ornithopter jerzyk Zaria interceptor Espandon SSF Taxi! Garm Gauss Tank Gladiator Wyrm Cobrahn Starcraft Marines Fortress juggernaut

Legohaulic (Tyler)

1.21 Gigawatts!!! RC PF Warthog Alice in Legoland Mechlomaniac - Attachments The Spearit UH-60 Blackhawk Mud Island Lighthouse Mech01 tri03 Keelhauler dio20 XwingFBTB Mechanized Orc Castle 02