Design Resources from: Shutterstock

Decent design resources are plenty to come by, but few of them are worth the two seconds they take to download. Shutterstock is one place that has plenty to choose from, all in one place. They are a community-driven stock site with thousands of artists adding files daily, ranging from vector files, to video files, to stock images. But with almost thirteen million stock files to choose from, how can you weed through all of the bad ones? I have pulled a hand-full of vector, stock images, icons, textures, and pattern files that are worth downloading to keep in your design toolbox.

If you already have a Shutterstock account, click your heart out on the below images (they all link to the file’s info page) and download these great resources.

If you don’t have an account, head on over to Shutterstock and sign up! If you don’t want to spend a bunch of money on a three or six month subscription, you can purchase 5 files for $49, or 25 files for $229. I admit that the prices are not super-thrifty, but the resources are top notch and will be yours to use over and over again on projects.

All of these files are Copyrighted to Shutterstock, so please don’t steal them in any way

For those of you that don’t plan on getting a Shutterstock subscription anytime soon, stay tuned, as I will be doing a follow-up post for (free resources)!!

UPDATE! – Design Resources From: DeviantArt

Stock Photos

Shutterstock stock images 1 Shutterstock stock images 2 Shutterstock stock images 3 Shutterstock stock images 4 Shutterstock stock images 5 Shutterstock stock images 6 Shutterstock stock images 7 Shutterstock stock images 8 Shutterstock stock images 9


Shutterstock Vectors 1 Shutterstock Vectors 2 Shutterstock Vectors 3 Shutterstock Vectors 4 Shutterstock Vectors 5 Shutterstock Vectors 6 Shutterstock Vectors 7 Shutterstock Vectors 8 Shutterstock Vectors 9 Shutterstock Vectors 10


Shutterstock Textures 1 Shutterstock Textures 2 Shutterstock Textures 3 Shutterstock Textures 4 Shutterstock Textures 5 Shutterstock Textures 6 Shutterstock Textures 7 Shutterstock Textures 8


Shutterstock Patterns 1 Shutterstock Patterns 2 Shutterstock Patterns 3 Shutterstock Patterns 4 Shutterstock Patterns 5 Shutterstock Patterns 6 Shutterstock Patterns 7 Shutterstock Patterns 8


Shutterstock Icons 1 Shutterstock Icons 2 Shutterstock Icons 4 Shutterstock Icons 5 Shutterstock Icons 6 Shutterstock Icons 7 Shutterstock Icons 8 Shutterstock Icons 9