Evolution of LG Creative

In case you haven’t noticed, I have done another redesign of my site/blog. I am constantly thinking of new and cool ways to change and enhance the design of my site, with this being my sixth redesign. Under the hood (HTML) is about 95% the same as my last version, with the remaining 5% being new style (images/CSS) changes; giving it a fresh and more minimal look. I have gathered Google Analytics stats to share with you guys, as well as screenshot of the evolution of the site. Thank you for the love and support over the years.

All images can be clicked to view the full screenshot/image 🙂

New Logo/Brand

LG Creative logo/brand change
I decided to update my logo/name as well, essentially making the redesign a re-branding as well. I felt Lee Gustin Creative Designs was:

  • Too long of a name
  • Not a great freelance/business name
  • Didn’t really fit the style of this new design

Of course changing your logo/brand is never as simple as just changing it on your website. Every place that your brand is shown, you have to redesign to update it to your new look. After the site design was done, I then had to rebrand my marketing material and social media sites (some are still being redesigned).

LG Creative Stats:

LG Creative Analytics full history

General Stats:

  • Started: March 8th, 2009
  • Age: 1 Year 10 Months
  • Versions: 6
  • Pageviews: 533,000
  • 184 Comments/Trackbacks

Traffic Sources:

Top Page Views:

Stats before my top 6 posts were posted:

LG Creative Analytics before posts
  • 11 Months Span
  • 24,000 Visits
  • 61 Vists/Day
  • 5,200 Homepage Visits

Stats since top post – Incredible Inception Art (280,000 Views):

LG Creative Analytics after inception
  • 5 Months Span
  • 375,000 Visits (1500% increase!)
  • 2,470 Visits/Day (4000% increase!)
  • 8,700 Homepage Visits

The Evolution of the Site

LG Creative Version 1 LG Creative Version 2 LG Creative Version 3 LG Creative Version 4 LG Creative Version 5 LG Creative Version 6

Thank you everyone who has ever visited the site. Whether you are a first time visitor, RSS/email subscriber, or anything in between; I appreciate your support, sharing any articles and comments that you give. Thank you all!

Any thoughts on the new design? New logo/identity? Did you like one of the previous versions better? I welcome any constructive criticism and value the design community’s thoughts.