Glenn Fabry – Master Comic Artist

I have always been a fan of comic books, but have not picked one up in a couple years. A friend of mine introduced me to graphic novels (Scott Pilgrim series was the first I read through) and I have been hooked. I am almost through the Preacher series and have been fascinated by the artwork throughout the books. Glenn Fabry is one of the key artists that make this series so pleasing to the eye.

Glenn Fabry is a British comic artist known for his detailed, realistic ink and color work. His art can be found gracing the pages of Slaine, Judge Dredd, Preacher, Sandman, Thor, Neverwhere, and the Magic the Gathering card game, just to name a few. Glenn has also produced covers for computer and fantasy magazines, computer games, caricature posters, newspaper strip work, TV advertising, work for Paramount Pictures and even Marvel rides at Universal Studios.

View his website to learn more about him and view his full portfolio.