Munny Madness

I recently stopped into an art store to do some shopping, and saw a Munny toy next to the checkout counter (Munny is a “Do It Yourself” vinyl toy from Kid Robot). I decided to purchase one, but I have yet had the inspiration to start decorating it to my hearts-desire. So I did some searches around the web, and came up with these great Munny designs that have inspired me, and hopefully will inspire all of you as well. Enjoy.

Each one is a blank canvas, and all ready for scribbling, piercing, painting, posing, piling, dressing up, and sculpting into forms straight from your imagination.

To view the second part of this series check out Munny Madness 2

Munny1 Munny2 Munny3 Munny4 Munny5 Munny6 Munny7 Munny8 Munny9 Munny10 Munny11 Munny12 Munny13 Munny14 Munny15 Munny16 Munny17 Munny18 Munny19 Munny20 Munny21 Munny22 Munny23 Munny24 Munny25 Munny26 Munny27 Munny28 Munny29 Munny30 Munny31

Love these little guys? Go pick one up and start creating